Three Men in a Van: Guildford to Gibraltar by the Back Roads

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THREE MEN IN A VAN is a humorous and informative account which explores both Spain and the ups and downs of our middle-aged trio’s singular road trip.

When the fifty-something friends from Lancashire decide to take some time out together, little do they know that they will end up traversing Spain from north to south in an old and somewhat unsightly mini-campervan.

Garrulous Geoff, hefty Harry and the relatively rational Jeremy, unused to spending longer than an evening in each other’s company, are thrust together for a month of travel and cohabitation which the latter relates to us with candour, pulling no punches when it comes to describing their more embarrassing escapades.

(Now also available: ONE MAN IN A VAN – A Roving Entrepreneur in Southern Spain, in which Geoff recounts his subsequent adventures in Bambi.)