R5 Watch Flashlight 4 Mode LED Watch Rechargeable Wrist Lamps Lantern Waterproof with Compass SOS Signal for Camping Hiking Outdoor Survival Equipment

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Daozea R5 Watch Flashlight 4 Mode LED Watch Rechargeable Lamps Lantern Waterproof with Compass Outdoor
★Model: List Rite with rechargeable R5 digital watch
★Light source: R5 LED light
★Maximum luminance: 150 LMS -300 LMS
★Maximum range: 50 m – 100 m
★Light Material: Aluminum
★Continuous lighting time: 3 hours
★Time Lifetime: 100,000 hours
★Waterproof: Yes
★Rechargeable: Yes
★Color: Black
★Weight: 100 g
★Battery: lithium ion

How to Use
Light Function
★The light can be adjusted in 4 steps with a switch! It switches in the order of strong → weak → blink → SOS signal. In case
H (strong light) is displayed by pushing the button on the left side.
L (weak light) is displayed by pressing the button on the left side twice.
Long press of the button on the right side bs (strobe) lighting with strong lighting.
Press and hold the left and right button at the same time to light SOS.

Clock Function
★Press the right button to switch clock and date.
By pressing and holding the button on the right side, time → minute → month → date setting.

1 x LED wristwatch type light (including wristband)
1 x Micro USB cable
Daozea♥This item of Daozea is not only a wrist flashlight,but also it is a LED display digital watch with compass and sos signal.It can give you light,guide you,tell you time and give you a hand when are in need of help.
Daozea♥The Wrist flashlight is very portable,you can take it for hiking,camping,running,fishing,climbing riding at night.
Daozea♥Adjustable nylon wristband with O ring type strap,so DON’T WORRY its size is not fit you.
Daozea♥This watch flashlight has 4 mode.
Daozea♥Rechargeable lithium ion battery & USB charging cable included.

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