LE Rechargeable Camping Light, 500 Lumen CREE LED Lantern, Super Bright, Water Resistant, Portable Outdoor Searchlight for Emergency, Fishing, Hiking, Power Cuts and More

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Versatile usage
The front light : With two brightness levels, 100% brightness and 50% brightness, you can use it for searchlight, camping lantern, working light etc.
The white light mode: Dimmable work light with 360° and 180° of range.
The red light mode: Continuous and flashing light as an all-around warning light, which is very useful in Emergency use.

Adjustable brightness
The searchlight can be switched between the 400 lumen strong, 3 hours long, full brightness and the 200 lumen strong, 6 hours long half brightness.
On the side there are dimmable LEDs which can be used for 2.5 hours as a 360° all-around lantern or for 4.5 hours limited to 180°.

Power bank
The integrated 18650 battery with a capacity of 2600mAh can be charged within 3-4 hours to complete charging (5V DC 1-2A) via the built-in USB-cable.
This rechargeable light can also serve as a power bank for your smartphone or mobile devices in emergency. Please note that the input and output voltage are both 5V.

Battery protection
The 18650 rechargeable battery has the built-in protective plate device to prevent overcharging or excessive discharge.
Besides, the searchlight comes with a battery status display function using four little, blue LEDs (100/75/50/25%) to give information about the charging level.

Emergency lights
If your area gets lot of thunderstorms and power outages, you won’t miss this light.

About LE
Lighting EVER, abbreviated to LE, focuses on creating the best lighting experience.
Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE.High Brightness. The front flashlight is made of durable CREE XPG2 R5 LED, which can emit super bright light with 500 lumen and a long illumination distance of 350m/494ft. The side lantern provides 400-lumen brightness with white light and red light.
Rechargeable and Power Bank. Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery allows you to charge the lantern without spending money on batteries. It can also work as a portable power bank to charge your devices. The blue indicator lights on the button will tell you the battery life.
Multifunctional Lantern. The front light is a white light torch with full brightness (500 lumen, 3 hours) and half brightness (250 lumen, 6 hours). The side light is a lantern with white and red light. The white light mode has full brightness (400 lumen, 2.5 hours) and half brightness (200 lumen, 5 hours). The red light one has full brightness and flashing mode.
Water Resistant. With IPX4 water resistant rating, this lantern can work well in light rains or snowy days, especially suitable as a work light, searchlight and emergency light.
Easy to Use. With a handle on the body, you can easily hold it when using the front torch. With a hook on the button, you can hang it to light up a larger area without bothering you.