Yumay Collapsible Fire Tool Campfire Tool Pocket Bellow Builds Fire By Blasting Air ,Outdoor Gear for Hunting Fishing Camping traveling.

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Yumay collapsible fire tool

As we know,Oxygen plays an improtant role in starting fire,the collapsible stainless steel bellow can help you transfer more oxygen to the heart of fire you want to start,the camfire tool is long enough to keep your face away from the fire when adding oxygen,you will`be amazed when use the ancient fire-starting technology and a modern telescoplic hand tool.

Package Include:
1 pc collapsible fire tool
1 pc water resistant storage tube
Package Contents:1 pc camping metal bellow+1 pc manual.
The collapsible fire tool is made of Top-quality stainless steel which is no harm to your body,you can transfer more Oxygen to the heart of fire by the collapsible tube.the outdoor gear can be extended to 75cm to protect your face from getting burnt.
It`s easy for you to use the tool to build fire by blasting air from big end to small end,which is essential in fire starting kit,hiking gear oxygen camping fire bellow
Extends to 77.5cm (30.5″),Collapses to 15.5cm (6.25″),Portable&light weight.
Lifetime garantee(Top Quality stainless steel makes it)

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