YAMI 2-in-1 Mosquito Killer & Camping Lantern Tent Light IP67 Rainproof Bug Zapper LED Lamp Charge via USB for Outdoors Emergencies (Green)

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Product Specifications:
Material: ABS
Weight: 270g
Dimension: 169*91mm
Rainproof glass: IP67
UV Effective Range: 16 ft x 16 ft
Voltage Input: 5.0±0.2V
Current Input: 900mA±100mA
Battery: 3.7V/ 2000mAh
Zapper Voltage: 1000V
High Light (100% lighting) ≥ 180 Lumen, ≥ 12h
Normal Light (50% lighting) ≥ 90 Lumen, ≥ 16h
Low Light (20% lighting) ≥ 30 Lumen, ≥ 18h
Zapper-Only Mode after fully charged: 8~15 hours
Full Charge Time: 2~4 hours (depends on the input current)
Lighting function: Turn on the power, bottom light, middle light, highlight, turn off the power

Please Note:
1. The light is red when charging, the light is green when fully charged;
2. We recommend you hang it at least 0.8-1.2m high from the ground;
3. Remember not to soak the zapper in the water for a long time, or it may cause the damages to the product;
4. Do not put your hand into the machine or play with the machine during work to avoid scratching your finger or other accidents.

Package Includes:
1 x Mosquito Zapper Lantern
1 x USB Cable
2-IN-1 Bug Zapper & Camping Lantern: A perfect combination of camping lantern and mosquito zapper, providing a 16 x 16 foot mosquito free zone with 360° all round UV rays, 3 different brightness levels for your choose to meet different occasions.
Humanized Design: Controlled by two switches, comes with a retractable hook in flexible buckle design, a removable lampshade and plastic cage to protect you from touching the inner wire.
USB Charge & Washable: The mosquito killer lamp can be charged via USB, computer, car charging and power bank, IP67 highly rainproof, can be washed with water when there are mosquitoes and insects in it and don’t worry about using in rainy days.
Safety & Ultra-quiet: No chemical, no smell,non-Toxic and pollution free, totally eco-friendly, safety for the pregnant and infants, no noise, not disturb your rest or sleep at all.
A Practical Camping Bug Zapper Lamp: Convenient to use in outdoor, indoor, tent, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stair, roof, camping, hiking, fishing, or a light source for late-at-night porch readings, etc.