Tourwin Multi-functional Folding Trumpet Engineer Shovel Camping Outdoor Tool (Black)

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Material: Iron
Color: Black
Iron Shovel Size: 41.5 * 10cm
Folding Size: 16.5 * 9.5cm
Net Weight: 458g

1. Anti-skid wear-resistant rubber handle
2. Handle at the bottom of the compass
3. Opener small function
4. Sharp staggered serrated, high hardness, not easy to curl teeth
5. Fine rotation, easy to use, long life, fast operation
6. Pointed hammer design, easy to dig soil, wild must

1. Easy disassembly, easy to carry
2. Innovative technology, practical tools
3. Rubber handshake, durable selection
4. Unique design, convenient and practical

This product is suitable for a variety of places Applicable to outdoor climbing, cutting trees, shovel soil, awl, opener and so on

Portable, after removal of the packaging only adult palm size

Workmanship: Exquisite workmanship, surface treatment evenly
Opener: With opener, easy to use camping picnic
Positioning: 180 degrees free positioning, strong and solid, can be used as hook, hoe, shovel, pick and other tools, multi-purpose use
Handle Design: The top of the handle with a compass can indicate the direction, will not be lost
Material: High-quality steel to build, shovel surface plate thickness of 1.2 mm (excluding paint)