Proworks Microfibre Towel | Lightweight & Quick Dry Sports, Bath, Beach Towel with Compact Travel Bag – XXL – Blue

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Proworks Microfibre Gym, Travel & Hand Towel

Looking for a luxury towel that’s still hard-wearing? Looking for a material that’s absorbent, ultra-lightweight, dries quickly and is cheap to boot? Generally, this would be a tall order – but not for Proworks’ microfiber travel towel!

Microfiber is a synthetic material, woven from man-made fibres such as polyester, polyamide and nylon. Unlike widely-used cotton towels, which have a wider space between their individual filaments, microfiber towels have an extremely small space – meaning that instead of just pushing dirt, dust and moisture along, they pick them up and draw them away, ensuring unparalleled cleaning and drying power!

Quick Dry and Ultra Absorbent

The unique construction of microfiber cloth towels also makes them amazingly absorbent. Rather than the rubbing action of conventional hand towels, our microfiber hand towel utilises a wicking motion, ensuring liquid is absorbed cleanly and rapidly, rather than dispersed throughout the material. This makes it perfect for use at the beach, swimming pool or gym!

Compact, Lightweight and Easy to Store

As if that wasn’t good enough, microfiber is also an extremely lightweight and compact material that can fold up to a fraction of its original size. Whether you’re going on holiday, embarking on a camping trip or just looking to save a bit of storage space around the home, Proworks’ microfiber bath towel can pack itself into a smaller space than any comparably sized bath towel, making it the ideal travel companion for the frequent traveller!

Versatile, lightweight, super-absorbent and hard-wearing, the Proworks microfiber bath towel is the best of both worlds, and the perfect accompaniment whether you’re going to the gym, visiting your Pilates class, going camping for the weekend or just looking for a comfy way to dry off after you bathe.

Compact, lightweight ultra soft towel made from microfiber, an ultra-fine synthetic fabric which provides increased warmth, softness and absorbency compared to traditional bath towels.
Quick dry microfiber allows it to hold up to seven times its own weight in liquid, making it perfect for a wide range of situations, including after yoga, at the gym, whilst camping, while travelling, at the beach or general usage in the home.
Constructed from incredibly small and lightweight fibres, the super absorbent towel’s construction means it uses a wicking rather than a rubbing action to clean, meaning liquid is absorbed far more efficiently and swiftly.
Extremely lightweight, it can be folded to a fraction of its initial size, allowing it to be easily stored when not in use and transported from point A to point B more conveniently.
Extra Large: 150 x 80cm. Extra Extra Large: 180 x 90cm. Machine washable at a warm temperature. Tumble dry at a low heat.