HUKOER Camping Cookware Kit Backpacking Gear & Hiking Outdoors Cooking Equipment Ultralight Cooking Set with Compact & Durable Pot Pan Bowls Folding Spork Nylon Bag

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Product specifications:

Color: green + gray

Material: aluminum


Antioxidant Aluminum Nonstick Cookware : Diameter: 14.5cm; Height: 8cm

Total weight: 625g

Non-stick pan: Diameter: 15.5cm; Height: 3.5cm; Handle length: 10cm < p> Bowls of free BPA: diameter: 11cm; Height: 4cm

Wooden spatula-spoon: 13 * 5 cm

Foldable BPA soup spoon Free: length: 16cm, diameter: 7.8cm, depth: 2cm

Packing: cardboard box and nylon travel bag with drawstring (size: 16 * 9.5 * 16cm)

Folding stainless steel fork: total length: 15cm; width: 4cm; folded length: 9.2cm, weight: 30g

Magnesium lighter: Total length: approx 62mm, Handle length: approx 27cm, length of Magnesium stick: approx 34mm, Diameter: approx 4mm, Weight: 17g

Free BPA dish: Diameter: approx 17cm, depth: approx 2cm

Package includes:

1 * Antioxidant aluminum antioxidant pan < p> 1 * Pot cover

1 * Non-stick pan

2 * Free BPA bowls

1 * Stainless steel folding fork < p> 1 * Folding spoon of BPA Free Soup

1 * Spatula-wooden spoon

1 * Cleaning sponge

1 * Magnesium lighter

1 * Free BPA dish.

1 * Stainless steel fork

1 * Aluminum hook

1 * Bag nylon travel with cord

High quality and FDA approved: solid and light pots and pans are made of antioxidant aluminum and quickly conduct heat, the kit is perfect for hiking, hiking, camping, picnicking and partying. The handle is foldable and easy to store. It is lightweight and extremely durable made of aluminum material.
All these utensils are stored inside each other and fit in a small black mesh bag to which we can place the hook and we can carry it hanging perfectly.Kit of compact utensils, of good quality, comfortable to wear and very very complete.
Pot (with lid) and pan: Antiadherents, aluminum antioxidant, the handles are folded around so that they do not occupy place and the pot fits inside the pan at the time of storage.Plate and 2 bowls: No BPA. The bowls fit inside the pot and the dish serves as a base for the pan. Foldable stainless steel spoon and fork. Wooden spatula. Folding saucepan, free of BPA. Magnesium lighter: On one side has the bar and on the other has the blade. A sponge.
It is a healthy and perfect gift for yourself / family / friends. It will be a good option for camping, hiking, hiking, picnics and other outdoor activities. And we can make the camping without worries, finally, enjoy the outdoors and serve your food with the light, compact and mobile kitchen set from HUKOER.
All the utensils in this kitchen set can be stored together in a mesh bag so that you can conveniently carry and clean easily. As for the size of the pots and pans, two people can work well.

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