Complete Boot Camp For Fiction Writers: All the Tools You Need to Write Your Novel

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If you dream of writing a book that will keep your readers up past midnight turning pages, you’re in the right place!
Let’s find a quiet corner, shall we? You grab a coffee; I’ll get a chai tea latte. You’ll find this a friendly, informative place, filled with all the things you need to make your dream of writing a reality. It’s a happy place, with tips, tools, explanations and tons of examples of how to write your novel, in any genre. There’s no hurry, there’s only a helping hand reaching back for yours. Grab it. Together, step by step, we’ll get you where you want to go.
With this book, you will be able to take that sticky story idea that just won’t go away, and with it, create a lively writing roadmap to bring your story to life. On your journey, you’ll pick up all the tools you need, each presented methodically, simply, and clearly, with tons of examples for how to use it. You’ll learn to make your readers cry, howl with laughter, or scare them silly, and still crave more.
Cliff-hangers. Series Writing. Red Herrings. Pacing. McGuffins. Mushy Middles. Sensuality. P.O.V. ‘Voice’. Hero’s journey. Conflict. Genre. Self-editing. Plots A, B & C. Beta Readers. Backstory. Motivation. Story Structure. Salting. Ticking Clock. Best Heroes & Villains. Subtext. Emotional Connection. 5 Senses. SCT Factors. EBooks. 3 Act Structure. Audible Books. In Media Res. Specificity. Unreliable Narrator. Reversals. Dialogue. Adverbial Hell. Rising Action. Stage Setting. S.P.I.E.S. Principal. Attributions. Creating Cast and Characters.
We will cover how to polish your gem until it sparkles. We’ll talk editors. We’ll explore the ins and outs of traditional and Indy Publishing. What do you have to lose? Only your dream if you don’t try.
Complete Book Camp for Fiction Writers – All the Tools You Need to Write Your Novel is a goldmine of A to Z writing techniques, tips, tricks and hacks. With the huge, detailed Table of Contents you will quickly locate the area in which you are struggling, immediately find an answer (or ten!) to your question, then get right back to creating your story.
This is what I call my ‘Pay it Forward’ book, my big fat ‘Thank you!’ to all the writers who helped me, paid forward to those writers coming to the craft of writing today.
This is absolutely the book I wish I’d had when I first started out.

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