Camp Fire Kettle 5L

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We love selling these Campfire Kettles, and are one of the few trusted UK suppliers who actually are given stock to do so. We can whole heartedly recommend these to you as keen fans of the product we always have one on hand – even as a back up to our leccy kettle in the office! Sturdily made to last, you will buy one of these once and once only. (unless of course you want a different size) The main body of the camp fire kettle is made from medium gauge aluminium with a specially designed non-drip spout for safety, a steel lid and ergonomic handles that are produced from powder coated steel. There’s no cheap finish to these either – all parts are riveted / welded on and rigorously tested to ensure they last(even when little Ron dropped one from a height onto the rocks below a couple of weeks ago it bounced back unscathed).There are various different camp fire kettles on the market but we cannot recommend these any more highly. The range of camp fire kettles that Hart make come in four different sizes; 2.5l, 5l, 7.5l and a massive 10l capacity. Meaning the range can cater from a sole explorer to a large Scout gathering. Kirtley Kettle: 5ltr (0.980kg) (28x26x26cm)Capacity: 5 Litre
Weight: 980g
Size: 28x26x26cm
Brand: Camp Fire Kettles

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