3 Layer Non-toxic Nylon Netting Collapsible Mesh Hanging Drying Dry Rack Net Food Dehydrator Receive Storage Carrying Bag-Blue (35X35cm/13.8X13.8inch)

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• Hanging Drying Net drying of food, of course, is very convenient for dried flower making and the like.

• Here we will introduce the Characteristics and how to make dry vegetables.

• And dried vegetables moisture is missing makes it easier to have long-term storage.

• Nutrition, flavor, crunchy also better sweetness is increased.

• In addition, dietary fiber-rich, it can also be expected to lead breakouts are reduced effect on constipation eliminated.

• Tomatoes is recommended because of its high beautiful skin effect.

• It is very convenient because it can be applied to a variety of dishes.

• Apple and banana, sweet potato, etc. is a lot of people eat as candy strongly sweet.

• Any food since the chewy comes out followed by drying, to obtain a sense of satisfaction in small amounts to prevent overeating.

• Since taste is condensed reduces the amount to use the seasoning, not taking unnecessary calories.

• Depending on the type of food, but it is completely the case of the dried can be stored for several months if you save put a drying agent to the Ziploc and Tupperware.

• Please taste dry food a fun and healthy at Hanging Drying Net.

Material: Nylon
Color: Blue
Size: 40 * 40 * 65cm / 15.75 * 15.75 * 25.59in
Item Weight: 701g / 1.55lb

Package List:
1 * Drying Net

Material: Breathable Nylon Mesh,Solid iron stand.
3 layers drying netting stored Vegetables, fruit, jerky, dried fish, herbs, flowers, drying other food for smoked, is a versatile hanging drying net.
Scientifical and environmental way to protect dry foods. The Fine mesh net could prevent the bird, flies, insect to damage foods. Allows for good ventilation.
When you use the hanging drying net this is useful when drying the cookware outdoor camp barbecue tableware not limited to food.
Folding design makes it easy for storage;Zippers design on the front for easy open and close.